Bachelor Degree

The Bachelor Degree is the first level of academic musical studies corresponding to the university art sector on the basis of Law no. 508 of 21 December 1999.

To enroll it is compulsory to have awarded a high school qualification or to achieve it by the end of the three-year course degree.

The three-year Bachelor is aimed at acquiring an adequate mastery of disciplinary methods and contents and specific cultural skills related to new professional opportunities. The three-year Bachelor allows the

achievement of the Diploma Accademico di I livello (First Level Academic Diploma), an indispensable prerequisite to enter the Master Degree  (Diploma Accademico di II livello).

Study Plans:

In this section, the study plans of Bachelor degree musical courses are available.


Per pagamento quota ammissione

5 x 1000

Albo d’Oro

Francesco Peluso

Francesco Peluso, allievo della classe di chitarra del M° Ferrario, si è

Filippo Cortellari

Filippo Cortellari, allievo della classe di clarinetto del M° Enrico Maria Baroni,



ottobre, 2021

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